Journey of a
House to a Home...

I remember when I first came into being….when my foundation was set! There was so much joy in your heart….I was created only with you in mind! I’m the place where you can get married, start a family and grow old together! I’m not just a HOUSE … I am and will always be your DREAM HOME!



We believe for a full life, we need proper organization of all activities in which we are engaged on a daily basis. Workplaces and recreation should closely match the characteristics of the person for whom it is intended. Matching preferences of the person, and his psychophysiology, must improve his efficiency and level of comfort. Life – is continual change, so the interior should change along with us. Given the peculiarities of the space, emphasizing its pros and cons is what we do for you. If you already have a stylistic idea for your home/office interior, we can arrange and add your idea to the laws of composition, and function. Between artistic conceptions, its imagination, and concrete interior –is a huge distance. Let’s cover it together …hand in hand …because the story of your home/office has to have a happy ending at Concoctions designing!


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